“Enhance Leadership and Management Potential to Promote an Excellence Performance and Soft-skill”

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Business Simulation Workshop

“Ready for build-in strategic alignment and business execution. Capabilities for the disruptive innovation”

Giving you best practice in conceptual enterprise perspective, business unit, operational process—uses realistic scenario, problem based-action learning in competitive environment, challenges leaders context to experience out of their normal day-to-day roles and gains keen business strategic thinking- inspired by BTS,OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm

Recommend for
“Successor Top Management” giving them the opportunity to balance the complex choices and
compromises that go into running the company (20 – 40 person /class)

  • Senior Management Level
  • Manager Level
  • Talent

Actionable learning program

  • Business Organization Settlement
  • Modern Research and Innovation
  • Initiative People Strategic Development
  • Market Segmentation Differentiate
  • Manageable Cash Flow Investment

360 Degree Assessment

“360 Degree Feedback Evaluation refers to survey applied to obtain opinions of supervisors, colleagues and subordinates with many aspects on required competencies”


  • Measure up “Leadership Behavior” in the organization.
  • Improve efficiency of internal relationship and degree of cooperation.


  • Enhance the quality of internal services provision cooperation among staffs within organization.
  • Building team work and corporate culture.
  • Explore opportunity for individual to acknowledge on own strength /weakness
  • Improve staff performance.
  • Encourages the continuous learning & developing in organization

"The Key to Business Excellence"

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